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Billings School Bond Passes

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School District 2 wins a major victory on Election Day. KULR 8's Kyle Bention was there to see it all unfold.

The Yes For Kids camp most likely was a happy place.

The $122 Million bond, on the voter's ballot, which will fund $36 million in deferred maintenance and two brand new middle schools for the school district passed by slightly more than 2,000 votes.

The unofficial results came in only a few minutes past 8 o'clock. The announcement was then made and applause immediately followed as school officials, teacher and community members erupted into happy shouts.

"I've toured a lot of the schools and have really seen the need. I'm a retired teacher and so I'm just excited for the kids in Billings as well as the whole community," says Kristy Bouck, a retired school teacher.

"We've worked so hard for this, so it's really nice to see how much this pays off. And I've seen first hand how bad the elementary schools are and so it's really nice we can do some of the deferred maintenance," says Kaitlyn See, a Skyview High School student.

"Now that this bond has passed, we're able to move forward. We're able to come through on a lot of the promises we've made. It's very exciting yes, for schools like Broadwater and McKinley that are going to see brand new faces in the next couple of years," says Joe Halligan, Broadwater Elementary School.

Superintendent Terry Bouck says part of the money coming from the passage of the bond will be used almost immediately to see improvements in schools.

Co-Chairwoman for Yes For Kids Heidi Duncan then visited the KULR-8 News studio to talk about the securing of the bond money.