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Trick-or-Treating Indoors at the Candy Run

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On this Halloween, thousands of trick-or-treaters flocked to Faith Chapel for bags of candy.
This is the third year for the Candy Run and the lines to get inside wound around the parking lot. Organizers say the huge effort pays off because it's a community event that adds to Halloween.

Kids traveled from room to room and took pictures with their favorite Angry Bird or superhero.

"We've really worked hard to try to design where people don't have to go up too many stairs where there aren't that many bottlenecks," said Ryan Gomendi, one of the Candy Run's organizers.

Thousands went through the different zones, picking up candy from tubs along the way.
"We just want to say we love Billings and we love the community and we just want to serve them," Gomendi said. "And we know that Halloween, it can be cold sometimes and so we get people into a building, fun, safe, and have lots of candy and it's just really fun for everyone."

Parents are excited to have a place to trick-or-treat when it's so windy outside.

"We have quite a few kids with us so being indoors on a cold night was ideal," said Rachelle Stevens, a parent of a trick-or-treater.

Their journey ended with a slide down the stairs, and they went off to their next trick-or-treating destination.