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Breast Cancer Seminar on Tuesday

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St. Vincent Healthcare is holding a breast health seminar for women of all ages during this breast cancer awareness month.

Statistics show one in eight women in the US will face breast cancer. But if it's found early, it's treatable.

"I got the call on St. Patrick's Day in '04 so it's kind of an odd day. It's supposed to be a good luck day and of course I got this phone call that it is breast cancer and of course it hit me really hard, started crying at first," says Lori Helmey, a breast cancer survivor.

The seminar will be held at Saint V's Mansfield Health Education Center on Tuesday from 6 PM to 7:30 PM.

A panel of health experts will discuss topics like healthy eating and preventative steps to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

You can call (406) 237-7007 to register.