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Chocolate Prices on the Rise

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The price of cocoa is increasing, and just before Halloween. Candy store owners say it's bittersweet.

It's all over Forbes News that chocolate prices are rising, and local store owner, Jaci Brockel, said there's a huge demand, but a shortage of the supply.

"There's only 400,000 small farmers that produce cocoa, and they just cannot keep up with the demand," said Brockel.

Brockel said chocolate consumption has increased because of the economy.

"People have a little bit more money in their pockets, and so they have the need, or when they go to the store they think, ‘oh, maybe I have a little bit extra money,'" said Brockel.

Brockel said she understands the frustrations, and knows how important chocolate is.

"It just brings out the excitement of the day, or if you're having a bad day and just need a little pick me upper, chocolate is the perfect thing," Brockel said.

Brockel also said she uses about 15,000 to 20,000 pounds of chocolate each year. She says the higher cost could affect her checkbook.

Brockel said she is signing a new chocolate contract in a few weeks, and she's remaining hopeful the increase won't affect business too much.