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Lockwood Community Meeting

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Hot button topics like building a new high school and self-governance were discussed at a Lockwood community meeting Thursday night.

Members of the Montana Economic Development Association presented their final report and recommendations for Lockwood. They interviewed 175 residents.

Results of the report were issued Thursday night. Based on those findings, those who attended the meeting broke into groups to discuss how to resolve various issues. The issues included a trails district, a high school, lighting, sidewalks, and how to shape the future of the community.

"The team went back to their desk and wrote a report about the main issues we heard, and so tonight is the time for Lockwood to roll up their sleeves, put on their boots and get busy," said Gloria O'Rourke with the Montana Economic Development Association.

"You know we had a good sound 250 people. It's never been done before in this community, so I'm pretty happy," said Montana Representative Jonathan McNiven.

To see the results of the Montana Economic Development Association's report, click on Connections.