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Baucus Meets with Farmers

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According to Max Baucus, 1 out of 5 jobs in Montana are related to agriculture.

This is why the senator was in town to talk to farmers, ranchers, and agriculture businesses about the new Farm Bill.

The big deal is that this bill expired October 1st, 2013.

You can ask anyone, owning a farming business isn't easy, and Secretary Treasurer of the National Wheat Growers Association, Gordon Stoner, says he wants there to be crop insurance on the new Farm Bill.

"We get up every day, look to the sky, and wonder will it rain? Will the wind blow? Mother nature totally unpredictable," Stoner said.

This is why Stoner said the bill is critical because it provides stability to farmers and ranchers.

"I want to make sure when we leave that we have the very best Farm Bill, so that we're accelerating," Baucus said.

Baucus is going around the state to meet with members of the agriculture community, and to get ideas on what helps or hurts their businesses.

"And the more I can talk to Montana producers, others in agriculture, and they can tell me what they really want, they don't want," Baucus said.

Stoner also says that Montana is the supermarket of the world, and the Farm Bill is a major part of that.

"The Farm Bill provides some ability it provides a base so that American agriculture is here year in and year out," Baucus said.

Baucus said that when he goes to D.C., he will be pushing for permanent livestock resistance, a strong safety net for farmers, and strong programs that help young farmers to get a leg up in the business for the bill.

Kathy Weber, with Max Baucus' office, said that he's written 6 Farm Bills during his time, and plans for this to be the last Farm Bill he'll write.

Baucus said he is confident that they're going to get the bill passed by the end of the year.