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Dentists Reveal Worst Candy for Kids

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Halloween is one of the most anticipated nights of the year. Kids look forward to gathering a collection of treats.

Delta Dental said chocolate is one of the best treats because it washes off of teeth easier.

Even though Halloween is a week away students at Boulder Elementary are thinking about getting their bags of treats.

Second grader, Abigail Schmall said, "I like Kitkats, and Snickers."

Kindergartner, Krista Kvilhaug said, "Poprocks, and candy corn."

Sixth grader, Cassidy Venner said, "Starbursts, and Skittles."

Third grader, Andrew Bishop said, "And pineapple licorice."

They also want you to know the candy they do not like.

"Lemonheads. I hate those," said Venner.

Fifth grader, Connor Tyrrell said, "I absolutely hate Altoids."

"I really don't like black licorice," said Bishop.

"Redhots, and cinnamon candy," said Schmall.

Yellowstone Family Dentist, Chase Pearson, said there are some Halloween candies to watch out for.

"Gummy candies, I'd say they're a little bit of a worse candy. I guess you could say it just causes the stickiness to the teeth like you were saying. You know anything that's going to stick to your teeth for a long period of time is going to be a little bit harder on the teeth," Pearson said.

Pearson also said bacteria feeds off the sugar on your teeth, which breaks down the enamel and causes cavities.

Deltas Dental said 79% of parents admit to eating their child's Halloween candy, but we have to wonder about the other 21%.

"Yeah, my mom eats the Lemonheads, and my dad eats all of my chocolate," said Venner.

"My mom kind of sneaks it when I come home. I look into my bag, and then there's one piece of candy I really wanted, then she ate it," said Tyrrell.

Pearson says to limit caramel candies because it takes longer to eat them, and they can increase your risk for cavities.

Pearson also says eat candy corn in moderation, and even has a special message to those who have braces: no caramel, or hard candy is allowed.