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Yellowstone New Winter Use Rules

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The just released national park winter use plan says in the future, contractors must offer a snowcoach as well as snowmobile trips into the park.

The new winter plan is the latest in a series of plans developed -- since 1997 -- in response to lawsuits.

It allows a few individuals to snowmobile in the park without guides -- and up to 460 guided snowmobiles on a peak day.

But, the snowcoach requirement could put the only commercial operator at the east entrance out of business.

"The intent is to offer at least a contract on the east side with three transportation events. The intent is to have one of those transportation events be a snowcoach. If we do not get any responses that meet that we would have to evaluate whether or not we would issue a contract," says Superintendent Wenk.

Yellowstone's east entrance did have a snowcoach operation, but it went out of business. Superintendent Wenk says the new regulations go into effect in the 2015-2016 season.