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How to Fight Fall Allergies

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According to, more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies.

The website said they're caused by everyday exposures to agents such as dust mites, cat dander, and pollens.

Staff Accountant, Karson Rosander, moved to Billings 8 years ago, and said he is impacted from allergies year round.

"I take allergy medication several times. Well, three times a day, and I come in and get shots weekly," said Rosander.

Billings Clinic Allergy Physician, Dr. Laura Moore, said the fall season is seeing a lot of mold, and wheat allergies at the clinic.

"This time of year as I mentioned weeds and mold are very common, but we also, as it gets colder, we go inside more, and then you start and get more of the year round allergens like your dust allergies," said Moore.

Some allergies can even trigger inside your home.

"So even in the winter it's bad because of the ventilation inside of buildings, and that aspect of it," said Rosander.

Dr. Moore says medications take about 30 minutes to get into your system, so she advises to make sure to take your medication at least a half an hour before going outside for fall yard work.

"If you have really bad allergies then maybe consider wearing a mask because that prevents you from inhaling it to when you're raking, you're making things airborne, and that's what triggers the allergic response is when you inhale that in," said Moore.

Dr. Moore recommends nasal spray, eye drops, and allergy shots this season.

Dr. Moore also said the good news for allergy suffers is that the problem will subside when you reach your sixties.