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Billings Clinic Foundation Gives Away 2 Scholarships

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The Billings Clinic Foundation is giving away two scholarships to help people who are interested in becoming an emergency medical provider.

Billings Clinic Foundation, Joanne Dodd, says all you have to do is fill out a form on why you want the scholarship related to emergency care.

Dodd also says why the Emergency Medical Trainers are so important to our community.

"Emergency Medical Services are very important to the community because they're the first responders. They're the people who are there immediately after an accident or a heart attack, and it's because of them that peoples lives are being saved," Dodd said.

The Gary Haigh EMS Scholarship honors the memory a man who was employed at the Billings Clinic, and died in an accident.

The Geoffrey T. Corbin Scholarship remembers a man who worked in the trauma department who also died in an accident.

Applications are for an EMT, or paramedic training, and are due October 31st.

To apply you can call 657-4670.