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Kids N' Cowboys

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For over twenty years, Tim Crowley has brought the Magic City community together as well as Billings firefighters, Shriner clowns, and the Billings Clinic, all for the purpose of giving children affected by cancer a reason to smile.

The Kids N' Cowboys event during the NILE offers an opportunity for kids touched by cancer to experience a day of fun and laughter.

"It just makes a kid feel good, and that's why you come here. You put everything behind you for a day, don't think why you're here, and make of it what you want," says Crowley.

The families who attend the event are provided all travel expenses, a dinner, and tickets to the rodeo for free. An offer nearly 35 families took advantage of this year.

"These families are from eastern Montana, northern Wyoming. Not all of them could make it. We'd have well over forty if everybody could be here," said Crowley.

Giving each child a day to have fun at the rodeo makes every smile even sweeter.

Crowley started the Kids N' Cowboys event with inspiration from his daughter who was diagnosed with cancer at 14 years of age.