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Respiratory Therapist Makes 7th Big Sky Honor Flight

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Along with the 84 veterans on board the Big Sky Honor Flight, their escorts, committee members and volunteers, there are the medics. Nurses, a doctor and a respiratory therapist are there to help the veterans if they need it. For the respiratory therapist this was her 7th flight. For respiratory therapist Carrie Moffet the trip is routine now. She says, "There's only 5 guys with oxygen on this flight, last time we had 11" And she's learned over the past seven flights what works and what doesn't. "To label everything in site because they all look the same when we get off the plane and we have a pile of machines," says Carrie.

While on the plane they have to switch to portable oxygen machines. Carrie says, "The tanks are not allowed on the plane" She's one of the busiest volunteers on the honor flight, periodically checking oxygen levels and giving the veterans oxygen when they need it. "These guys wear oxygen at night but since they're sleeping and resting we're just going to give them some," she says.

Carrie says she keeps going on the flights because they keep asking, "The first time I went I had it was just amazing I couldn't even talk about it for two days."

For the veterans they say she's marvelous and is one of the reasons why they can make the trip.

Veteran Charlie Schweiger says, "There's no way I could do this on my own, no way."

The 8th big sky honor flight is expected to occur in April. Organizers say they have about $50,000 raised for that flight but will need another $100,000 to make it happen.