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Future Shutdown Reaction

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The federal government has finally re-opened, at least for now. But many experts agree, last night's vote is just a band aid on a much bigger issue.

Though Montana is financially stable, many groups were still affected, and one in particular, was Head Start here in Billings, which was nearly on the brink of closing.

"We were about two weeks away when we would have had to take a look at that, especially for purchasing food, because we get reimbursement from CACFP which is a federal program that's been closed," said Head Start Executive Director, Kathy Kelker.

However, congress only agreed on a budget that will fund the government through January 17th, 2014.

"We will have to think ahead and look at our savings account, and make sure we do the best we can to have some in reserve that isn't federal money," said Kelker.

While federal employees are back at work for now, the impending next financial crisis could be soon.

"The country has become a bit too partisan, a bit too political, not just in Washington but in the country," said Senator Max Baucus.

"I am frustrated by the fact that we are guaranteed to be right back at square one, facing another debt ceiling crisis," said Representative Steve Daines.

Many are saying if the house and senate do not learn how to work together now, another government shutdown may be only four months away.

Though the government is now fully open, democrats and republicans are still divided on such issues as entitlement programs and tax reform. Topics which could lead to the next shutdown come January.