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Veterans Share Their Enlistment Stories

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Hundreds of stories are told during the Big Sky Honor Flights. There are stories from those who saw combat and there are stories from those who didn't. Louise Miller was born and raised in Helena and was presented with two choices as a young woman go to Washington and become a riveter like her sister or join the military. She chose to join the marines. Louise says, "I could type and of course they use you as your experienced, so that's where they send you is doing what you could do." She joined the marines at age 20 but had to wait until she turned 21 before she could go to boot camp, "I enjoyed it, I liked the calisthenics, you got a lot of exercise."

Alf Hulteng joined the navy because he didn't want to get drafted into the army. He and 7 friends enlisted during high school. Alf says, "The last day of classes the next morning on the train to Minneapolis to get sworn in and went to boot camp." Alf was going to fire control school when the war ended.

For Lyndon Pomeroy he joined the Army Air Corp and trained as a fighter pilot. He says he narrowly missed getting sent overseas, "They would line everyone off and say count off 1,2,1,2,1,2 and the two's step forward your going to the South Pacific." Lyndon was a 2 but because his commander thought he did such a good job doing air-to-air training he stayed in the states. And what he did after getting out the service you might recognize if you live in Billings. He made the bear statue outside of Rocky Mountain College as well as several other metal statues around the city.