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Ward 4 Candidates

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Billings municipal general elections are coming up Tuesday, November 5.

Four candidates are running for city council from Ward 4.

Al Swanson says one of his priorities is encouraging community involvement in safety and security through neighborhood watch programs.

"I love Billings. I love Montana. I've had a successful business career and retirement. I'd like to do something to get involved and give a little back to billings and make it even a better city than it is."

David Fishbaugh says his experience as a project manager will help him improve roads and deal with the city's growth.

"I'm pretty pragmatic. I need to dig into what's going on and what's the information leading to the decision rather than just reading somebody's summary. So I bring a long history of managing large projects with multiple stakeholders."

James Mariska says public safety is one of his concerns.

"I think that we're on the verge of growth and I'm feeling that the city needs to have people who are involved and willing to tackle the problems that come with growth, or let's put it this way, the opportunities that come when you have growth."

John Quandt says he wants to be part of the effort to improve schools in Billings.

"I really love the way that billings was going and I wanted to keep that momentum and make sure we keep making decisions like that. I believe as a city councilor there are some things we need to address if we are going to grow the way they say we are."

Ward 4 covers the northern part of the West End. Election ballots will be mailed out October 18th.