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Road Construction to End

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What may seem like a long season of road construction, will come to an end in the coming weeks.

According to city engineers, construction on Broadwater Avenue and Rimrock Road is scheduled to end at the end of October. Billings City Engineer, Debi Mehling, said paving is complete at both sites, and all that's left is line painting.

"A lot of these projects you see, by the time they are on the ground, we have been working on for a couple of years or more, in some cases. So, to get to the point where you're a week, two weeks, or a month away is pretty exciting," Mehling said.

Mehling said construction on the Inner Belt Loop, connecting Wicks to Alkali Creek and Zimmerman Trail, will begin in the next two weeks. She said projects for the 2014 summer will include construction on North 27th street between Montana and 6th Avenue and work on Grand Avenue from 17th to 24th Streets West.