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Protesters Demand End to Federal Shutdown

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It was a showdown because of the federal shutdown. The Montana Organizing Project held a protest against the shutdown in front of Representative Steve Daines's office.

Dozens of protesters gathered, demanding the federal government come to a compromise because the situation is hurting the public.

Protester Lita Pepion was at the protest representing Indian People's Action. She says many Indian programs and services are tied to federal funding. She says with the government shutdown, people who were hurting before are hurting even more, especially those who are living month-to-month.

"I have several family members who are furloughed, who are okay for this month, but if this goes on for much longer they won't be okay," Pepion said. "They can't pay the rent. I have some friends who are in fear of losing their homes."

People say it's time for congress to get back to work on growing the economy, instead of hurting it. They also say representatives and senators need to worry more about community programs and jobs.