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St. V's Affordable Care Act Education

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Many people still have concerns and questions about the Affordable Care Act. So, St. Vincent Healthcare is stepping up to get your questions answered during scheduled seminars.

"We'll be walking through how much it will cost them, what will be the out of pocket costs to them as an individual, what types of policies they can expect to encounter on the exchange," said Ron Oldfield, St. Vincent Healthcare CFO.

Four education fairs will be held throughout the year. Within the four hour class, you can see three presentations with helpful information from insurance companies involved in the Marketplace. In addition, there will be certified application counselors, who can help you one-on-one.

The education seminars are at the Mansfield Education Center on:
October 17th, 5-9 PM
October 24th, 5-9 PM
November 15th, 12-4 PM
December 9th, 12-4 PM