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Meth Usage Continues to be a Problem

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Methamphetamine continues to be a problem in Montana. It takes a toll on our community and the people who use it.

Meth can alter people's appearance so bad that they become almost unrecognizable, and sometimes the change can happen within a few months.

According to, it creates permanent damage.

Malcolm Horn, Rimrock Foundations, Director of Clinical Supervision said she knows patients who have lost everything from the drug.

"One of the problems with methamphetamine is since people can make it in their backyard they can use different things so you don't always know what you're getting, and so people think I need to feel better. We all want to feel better. Nobody wants to feel horrible and so we lack to a substance to make us feel better right away instead of saying what's a better option for me," Hord said.

Horn also says that if you need help or know anyone that needs help, the Rimrock Foundation has a treatment program and 24-hour hotline at 248-3175.