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Health Fair Promotes Preventative Health

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Dozens of organizations teamed up for Stillwater County's Health and Wellness Fair Saturday.

Hundreds turned out for fair and attendees say there was a lot to see and learn.

"It's just to showcase what health and wellness services are available within our county and that people don't always have to travel so far if they don't want to," said Jill Grim, the health fair chairperson.

People could get flu shots or test their overall health as Stillwater County resident Holly Cook did.

"I could get my blood tested for diabetes and cholesterol, and I can also get a bone density test since I'm up in the age here, getting there," Cook said. "So this was a cheaper way of doing it. I'm in good health! I have no risks but just to be aware of the risks and being aware of what I need to do to keep on the lower risk end."

The fair's main goal is to give people the tools to live healthily.

"Taking care of yourself is vital to what you do everyday," Grim said. "And preventative medicine is the best way to do that and the way that insurance and health care is trending towards"

There were also demonstrations throughout the event varying from how to make your own cheese to Zumba.