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Shutdown Protest on Monday

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If you're as mad about the government shutdown as some other people out there, Monday might be a good day to show it.

The Montana Organizing Project will hold a rally to protest the government shutdown. It will happen in front of Congressman Daines' office on 32nd street in Billings. Organizers hope the event will send a message to Congress, and raise awareness for the widespread effects the shutdown is having on our community, and our nation as a whole.

Senior Organizer Sheena Rice says, "We're doing it outside Congressman Daines' office, because he plays a role in this, and he can actually demand that the House get back to work, that they pass the clean continuing resolution, so that Congress can focus on fixing the economy, on funding and creating investments in the programs that we need, protecting Social Security and Medicare, Head Start, Assistance for Needy Families, and the things that our communities depend on."

The rally will begin at 4 PM on Monday. Organizers hope to see a few dozen people show up. If you'd like to RSVP to attend, you can check out the Montana Organizing Project's Facebook page, or you can click on Connections.