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Mad About Money

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Local kids got a chance to learn about money in a fun way. Mad About Money, a show from the National Theatre for Children, came to two schools in our area. Students at Lockwood and Riverside Middle Schools got treated to the shows, which teach students good habits for earning, spending, and saving money.

The show features professional actors who interact with the kids and take volunteers for their sketches. They use information from the kids, such as their favorite band or dream car, to make it fun.

"This is a way that we can help people and get people to learn about saving money and spending money wisely at an early age, so that they don't get into trouble when they're in their early twenties," says Sam McCalla, an actor in the show.

The show also provides print and digital media so that teachers can take the lessons from the stage into the classroom. The Montana Financial Education Coalition sponsored the shows in Montana.