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Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch Unveils Statue

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The Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch unveiled the 8-foot tall, Faces of Yellowstone, statue today.

Ronald O'Leary is an art teacher from the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch. He said every face in the statue represents a youth from the ranch, and also took 10 years to make.

O'Leary also says the reason is because every semester he picked two students from his class to mold a face in the clay.

"I'd give them a slab of the clay about half and inch thick, about the size of that piece of paper, and then they would sketch out with their fingertips on that slab of clay what they did on their paper, and then try to develop the features a little bit more," O'Leary said.

The faces on the Yellowstone statue are shaped like a Y to symbolize the logo of the ranch.