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Roadkill Permits

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State Wildlife officials plan to finalize regulations on roadkill law today. It went into effect October 1st, but not the permitting process. The law allows drivers who hit animals like deer, antelope, elk, or moose to salvage the animal for meat.

Among the changes is a plan to allow people to scavenge a carcass and then get the permit at home over the Internet without having to first notify a game warden or other authorities. The hope is that the new regulation will increase safety for those salvaging roadkill.

Robert Gibson of Fish, Wildlife and Parks says, "One of the things that we wanted to do with this law is make sure that those animals and dead animals and pieces of animals got away from the highway so other scavengers didn't show up to eat the dead deer or to eat the gut piles, any of that stuff, and create another hazard. We didn't want people in the median of the freeway trying to field dress a deer in the middle of the night."

Those who wish to salvage a roadkill must take the whole animal, not just parts. You can still take a carcass to the proper authorities to get a permit, and there are plans to release an app to get a permit from your smartphone.