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How to Have a Staycation

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Have you ever wondered how to have a staycation in the Magic City?

A four day weekend for kids in School District 2 is right around the corner. The long weekends are a chance to explore local attractions like National Parks. But the shutdown will cancel those plans. However, there are still many local attractions and treasures to make your long weekend a staycation.

"The thing about staycations is, it's a way for us to affordably and within a reasonable time frame, get out of our rut. Especially time of year with kids back in school and activities starting again, I think every weekend starts to become the same old same old," says Kelly McCandless, Communications Director for the Billings Chamber of Commerce. "I don't know how many times you'll hear someone say, 'Oh, I forgot about Pictograph Cave. I haven't been there since I was a kid in school.' You know, we forget about these treasures that are right in our own city that we can enjoy anytime and a four day weekend is the perfect time to do it."

First, you start with a long weekend.

Next, make sure to get that family time in that you never miss on a vacation. Go to a water park or a family fun spot that you don't often get to enjoy.

"You might not get to go to a water park a lot of the times so it kind of seems of seems like a vacation because it's new and different," says Vicki Popiel, Manager at The Reef Indoor Water Park.

Don't worry about spending lots of money or traveling far. A staycation is about keeping it affordable and staying close to home.

"It's close and it's entertaining for the day and it's not too expensive. And everybody has fun in the family for every age group," says Popiel.

And don't forget to take time for yourself and relax.

"It's really great if people can't afford to kind of like head out of town, but they still have a little money and want to do something special for themselves. It's an opportunity to just take an hour vacation away from life," says Anne Menge of Sage Spa Living. "I think people have a lot of high stress levels in the  rat race of America and it's great when they can come in and just have something small done even."

Remember, a staycation is about taking a break from your everyday life and enjoying the treasures in the place you call home.

"Just enjoy your city and try to look at it through a different lens than you have normally," says McCandless.