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Newsmaker Event Focuses on SD2 Bond

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The Chamber of Commerce holds quarterly Newsmaker Events to address important issues in the community. Thursday, they discussed the School District 2 Bond.

It was an opportunity for Superintendent Terry Bouck to present details on the bond. Because ballots will be mailed out in about a week, the Chamber and School District 2 officials want to be sure the public is as educated as possible on the subject and know how it affects the community.

"We want people to get as much information as they possibly can. So, to hear from our Superintendent, to hear from our Facilities Director at the school district and to just be aware of facts because there are a lot of rumors circulating that aren't accurate and we just want to set the record straight," says John Brewer, President and CEO of Billings Chamber of Commerce.

The votes on the $122.3 million bond will be tallied in about four weeks on Election Day.