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SD2 Implements Anti-Bullying Program

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Thirty-eight percent of middle school students, and 26% of high school students report being bullied at school in 2013 according to the State's Office of Public Instruction.

That's why the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Denise Juneau, developed a program that prevents bullying in Montana schools.

The Billings School District took Juneau's model and reworked it for the Billings School District.

Bullying, harassment, and intimidation are all types of bullying, and retired SD2 secretary, Carolyn Osik, is tired of it.

Carolyn Osik, SD2 Retired Secretary said, "Once they start bullying a student then starts to deflate like a balloon."

Kathy Olson says district leaders are developing a program that took a year to build.

Kathy Olson, Billings Public Schools, "The main thing is that we teach our children that it will not be tolerated in Billings Public Schools, and that we teach our children how to behave."

The goal is to teach the students about being a victim and how to stand up to bullies.

"We're just really proud of our staff for taking this on and for working so hard on our policy, and on our reporting forms," said Olson.

Parents and students can go online to fill out a bullying report, and then take it into the principal.

"I think it's a great start, and I think that as long as it's implemented and follow through that it should be effective" said Osik.

Olson also says we need to teach students, adults, and parents that bullying is not acceptable.

The school district currently is putting teachers through the anti-bullying training program, and will also train school bus drivers and cafeteria workers.