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Students Learn Fire Prevention

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It's National Fire Prevention Week.

Firefighters were busy teaching students about the dangers lurking in homes. The majority of fires start because someone isn't paying attention. "We talk about not using water on a grease fire, just put a lid on it, and just stay in the kitchen while you're cooking and keep an eye on your food," Billings Deputy Fire Marshal, Matt Schieno said.

Firefighters say it's important for students to learn safety tips sooner rather than later. "It's a lot of fun to have the kids here. They really enjoy it. They get to meet Sparky the fire dog, and it seems like they have a lot of fun," Schieno said.

"I learned that if your house is on fire, you should drop stop and roll. You don't play with candles. Don't play with lighters either," students said.

Matt Schieno said the Fire Safety Campaign is both fun and helpful. "Learning a fire escape plan. How to get out in case there is an emergency in their home, and we're also learning about not playing with matches and lighters. We're also showing the kids the fire station, what the firemen do, what equipment we use; and we also let them spray the fire hoses," Schieno said.

Schieno recommends keeping a fire extinguisher available at all times. He said if you need to leave the kitchen to always turn off the stove.

According to organizers, Fire Prevention Safety Week is the longest-running public health safety observance on record. Schieno said the campaign will run in Billings through October 16th.