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ExpressCare Clinics

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During your grocery trip you can get apples, bread, and now a medical check-up. Billings Clinic is in the process of opening ExpressCare Clinics, which will be located in convenient locations throughout town, like your local grocery store.

The Albertsons on Rehberg and Grand will be the first to open this December. The ExpressCare Clinics will treat patients who can be seen in a quick visit, for example, for a flu shot, allergies, or a sore throat.

"What this is about is increasing their access to healthcare and it's put in a convenient location in someone's neighborhood, or very close to where they work," says Mike Follett, Executive Director of Business Development for Billings Clinic.

"We know that people have quick, or simple things that they want to care for quickly and we know that people don't  like to wait. And we want to be able to offer them services in a place that's more convenient for them," says Deb Agnew, Billings Clinic Chief of Primary Care.

In addition to making health care more convenient for people, there will also be a mobile app to show people how much a visit will cost roughly, what time slots are available and where the closest express care clinic is.