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High School Senior Making A Difference

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I met 17-year-old Rachael Eaton and learned, you don't have to be 30, 40 or even 50-years-old to inspire others.

Rachael is making a difference in the world through her high school senior project.

High school is back in session, and the cross-country coach, Sarah Lord, said student interest is sparking the Platinum Graduation program.

Sarah Lord, Senior High Cross Country Coach said, "It's a new program at Senior High for students who go through honors program for all 4 years."

The students in the program are asked to take on a project. For her project, Senior High School student, Rachael Eaton wants to continue her cousin's legacy.

Ryan Eaton died from a rare form of cancer in February.

Rachael Eaton said, "This is just a business to buy I-pads for cancer patients while they're in the hospital cause that's one thing that he just really wanted."

Rachael's doing this by organizing a 5k and 2-mile race at Pioneer Park, and here's the kicker. It's a glow in the dark run at night.

Rachael also says the reason why she did this is because Ryan had a bold lifestyle and she wanted to mirror this in her glow run.

"She is very skilled at bringing the people around her up. She lifts everyone else up, even if maybe she's not having the best day," said Lord.

After Eaton graduates from high school she plans on going to school to focus on non-profit work.

So far, Rachael Eaton has raised $10,000, and is looking at giving away 20 more I-pads with the United Luv Organization to local hospitals.

The race is at Pioneer Park this Saturday evening at 6:30. If you want to sign up for the 5k or 2 mile run, tickets are $25.

You can also go online to www.unitedluv.eventbrite.com to register.

There will be an award given for the best glow in the dark clothing, and accessories.