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Storm Brings Snow To Area

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The recent storm system was a bit of a mixed bag for southeast Montana. While Billings saw mostly rain with a dusting of snow by Friday morning, other areas saw mostly just snow.

Absarokee was one of the places hit hard, receiving nearly two feet of snow in some areas, according to the National Weather Service. Schools were closed, and the football games were canceled. Some residents experienced interesting timing with how the snow affected their week.

"We got this heavy wet snow yesterday and last night, knocked a bunch of trees down in the back yard, and pulled the power line of the side the house," says Greg Dana of Absarokee.

"We just got back from Seattle," says Absarokee resident Fred Davidson. "We were over there for a week and we came back and the first night this happened and it's kind of slowed things down around here because it's knocked out our television, phones and internet."

The white stuff was wet and heavy. It weighed down tree branches, which haven't lost their leaves yet. Many residents will have to clear out downed branches and whole trees once the snow melts.

"It'll be quite a bit of work," says Dana. "Some of them will bounce back once the snow melts off or I shake it off, but it's going to be quite a few loads to the dump I think."

Some people still had power, but lost other services provided by wires. Davidson explains, "Our cell phones are all we have left so at least we can communicate out here, but other than that it's like being in a cabin."

No one can claim the snow has not been an inconvenience. Dana remarked, "Well I know there's businesses and people without power. A lot of people didn't get to work"

However, the fact that so much snow came so early suggests to some that this winter may not be as dry as they have been the last few years. Dana added, "It could be a good winter, a wet winter. We're due for one."