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Students Learn About Shutdown

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Local students are wondering how the government shutdown affects them.

West High's economics class doesn't just learn from the books. They also get their information from current events. Fred Petak, West High's government, US history, and economics teacher, planned to talk about the shutdown with his students for 15 minutes, but the discussion lasted for an hour.

"We all had like different questions," said Hunter Gerth, West High senior. "My main thing was how was it going to affect the market because my dad is a stock broker, so I was wondering how it was going to affect him. I just kind of like stuff like that and how it's affecting everybody."

"They wanted to know how it would affect them, but the main thing is they're all going to have government this year as seniors, and they need to understand the political parties and make educated choices when they become voters," Petak said.

Students say their talk cleared up a lot of misunderstandings they had about the shutdown.

"I think it's important for students to know because so many people in our country are naive about it and if we don't know how are we supposed to stand up and vote correctly for it," said Sarah Scheie, West High senior.

"They are sponges for us," Petak said about his students. "They want to be educated and they want to know what is going on out in the world."

Students say they now have even more questions about the government shutdown as a result of the discussion they had in class.