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Wrangler National Team Roping Championships

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You still have time to head out to the Wrangler National Team Roping Championships. National Champions from Texas, Colorado, and even Canada are here to compete.

Three-time national team-roping champion, Jimmi Jo Montera, has been roping since she was four years old.

Dennis Tryan, President of Wrangler Team Rope and Championship said, "She's a threat anywhere she goes. Every girl that ropes knows Jimmi Jo."

When Montera was in college, her thumb got stuck in a rope and was pulled off.

Jimmi Jo Montera, Three-time All Girl Roping Champion said, "It was in my glove and I actually pulled my glove off and it was just kind of hanging by a couple tendons or so just kind of put the glove back on and went to the hospital."

Wrangler team-roping president, Dennis Tryan, says it's an expensive sport. It can cost between $50,000 to $75,000 dollars.

"This sport is really growing. It's exploding for women. There is more and more women all the time. I don't know the ratio on it, but it'd probably be 30% to 40% women, 60% men," said Tryan.

"I did it with my dad and family and it's just been apart of my life since we were young," said Montera.

She even broke her back because of the sport, but that didn't stop her determination.

She's still competing, and she even showed me a few tricks.

Officials say the first step in learning how to swing a rope is to swing your wrist like this, and look at it as you had a watch on.

The goal is to have to have the shortest time when roping a steer.

Rangler officials say Paje and Chad Turner won $17,000 Thursday night on four head with a time of 35.29.

They also say they've given out a total of $300,000 to contestants this week.