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League of Women Voters Meets to Discuss Women in Montana

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The League of Women Voters met with members of the Women's Foundation of Montana Thursday at the Elk's Lodge in Billings. The foundation presented their 2012 report on the status of women in Montana. The report compares women in Montana to women in other states economically, especially on income, poverty level, and expenses. Among other topics of discussion, the pay gap between men and women is larger in Montana than it is in most other states. The Women's Foundation is exploring ways to improve that situation.

"In Missoula, we had set up a task force to look at the pay gap within the government, so both in city and in county government, and try to figure out how that works for women in the government. And on a state-wide basis we'll be doing that as well. So that'll be a place where we can really start to figure out the difference, and then perhaps provide models for private businesses that are interested in creating a workplace that's really healthy and supportive of women," said Jen Euell, Women's Foundation of Montana Program Director.

Other ways the foundation is looking to improve the outlook for women include researching why women stay in lower-paying jobs, teaching them how to negotiate for better pay when interviewing for jobs, and looking for ways to improve education for girls and encouraging them from a young age to pursue better paying careers.