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Park City Hopes to Expand

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PARK CITY, Mont. -

In Billings, School District 2 isn't the only school district that is over capacity. Park City Schools said they are facing the same issues.

The superintendent says he's concerned about the space because the district can't provide elementary students access to a computer lab, or allow more than 12 students in art, or family and consumer science.

The Park City School District is out of space, and even the students are concerned.

Tehya Ray, freshmen at Park City High School said, "Even the desks are so close, you're like face is right you know by the back of their head."

Patrick Audet, Park City School's Superintendent, says the district spent a year discussing ideas about how to address the overcapacity issue.

Audet said, "Two ideas of a K-6, or K-5 school out on the new property that was purchased by the community through a bond issue."

The message they want you to know is that they need help. Even though they bought 3 new modules, Audet said it's still isn't enough to hold the 70 students who are over capacity.

"The other one is to build a high school out on the new property also to have this maybe be a K-8, or flip flop that or a K-8 or a K-6," said Audet.

The superintendent encourages the community to come forward with its solutions for overcrowding, ideas that address immediate and long-term needs for the future.

Although, the school district is over capacity by 70 students, Audet expects that number to reach 420 in 10 years.