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New Laws Start Including Road Kill

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Several new laws take effect on October 1st.

One of them requires out-of-state sex offenders coming to or living in Montana to give a DNA sample. Also, sex offenders will be classified into tiers on how likely they are to re-offend.

The state will also ban synthetic drugs that mimic illegal drugs such as "bath salts" and "spice."

Other laws will affect what you eat and drink. You can now have wine shipped directly to your home from an out-of-state vineyard with a Montana permit.

The road kill law also takes effect, the only problem, the state has not finished the permitting rules dealing with the law. Wildlife officials received dozens of comments on the law.

One man wrote, "I believe first on the agenda should be motorist and pedestrians safety ... Let's all hope we don't have a 'Bumper Harvest.'"

Another says, "I've never seen a dead animal on the side of the road and said, 'Ummumm. I wish I could throw that dead deer in the trunk of my car and take it home and eat it. There's generally a McDonald's or Taco Johns within reasonable driving distance almost any where in Montana!'"

Finally, "I think it's about time for individuals/community food agencies to utilize game animals for human consumption that are killed accidentally instead of being left to feed magpies. Does wanton waste come to mind?"