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How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

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Winter is a week away so what you carry in your car becomes even more important.

Before winter hits, the number one question is are you prepared?

Ellen Robison, AAA Certified Travel Counselor said, "The word prepare is probably the biggest thing out there, and it's not prepared for a great big long trip. It's daily preparation."

It's the little things that matter, like having an emergency kit ready. Pat Zimmer says his wife takes precautions.

Pat Zimmer, H&E Equipment Parts Manager said, "She usually has a blanket, water, and stuff in case she gets stranded."

Hypothermia starts affecting your ears, hands, feet, and then toes.

"Take extra coats. Take the extra gloves. Take the candles, and the matches. Do anything that you can do. Insulated gloves anything that you can insulate your body," said Robison.

Ellen recommends using a non-freezable window cleaner to help defrost her windows faster in the winter.

She also says it's a good idea to put a shovel, flashlight, and flairs in your car.

If you're looking to buy an emergent kit, AAA sells them for $24.99.