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Lindeen Answers Montanans' Questions

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Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen launched a six-city tour throughout the state answering questions regarding the Affordable Care Act. Lindeen made her stop in Billings on Friday.

"I'm here to try and understand what is going on with the Obamacare program," said Robert Skillestad, a Billings resident.

"I need some information about it like the income levels for the insurance programs, how to apply, where to go to apply," said Char Burns of Billings.

The online marketplace is the place you go to shop for the different insurance plans available through the Affordable Care Act. Opening day is rapidly approaching and it's something very new to Americans.

"Montanans are doing what they always do. They're asking very practical questions and they want to understand how this is going to affect them and their family," said Lindeen.

The goal is to explain Obamacare to Montanans and help them understand the new policy.

"Anytime there's a huge policy of this type in our country, people are going to be confused about what it really means and what's true and what isn't. And so we're here to make sure those questions get answered," says Lindeen.

The town hall meeting that was standing room only, was a chance for everyone to voice their concerns.

"I'm covered by medicare and a supplement but my wife isn't covered. So I'm here today to see what I can find out in relation to coverage for her," says Cliff Yuill of Joliet.

"I think people are relieved that it's not this terrible thing that they've been let to believe. I think that some people are excited that this is really truly an opportunity for them to get coverage or get some more affordable coverage. And others are excited it doesn't affect them," says Lindeen.

The online marketplace to shop for the different plans opens October 1st. The insurance goes into effect at the beginning of the year. If you have questions about the Affordable Care Act, click on Connections to be directed to the website.

Stay tuned to KULR-8 all next week for more information on Obamacare and for a more in-depth explanation from Monica Lindeen. We will you bring you answers to your questions every day of the week.