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Fierca Has a Home

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Fierca now has her own home at Zoo Montana. The enclosure was built by zoo personnel using materials they mostly had on hand. That helped the project com in under budget.

The zoo hopes the habitat will help show off just how active and entertaining the animal can be. Fierca is a 2 year old Canada Lynx. She was introduced to the public last year, and has been taken out to visit the community on several occasions. Zoo Montana director Jeff Ewelt had this to say:

"She's a great ambassador for her species, and of course for the zoo. For an 8 year old kid to see an animal like this com into their classroom is absolutely memorable and spectacular for that kid. And she's just...she's a win-win situation for this organization."

The zoo also got a new van this summer, which has recently received a new wrap to make it more noticeable. The zoo is also excited about several new exhibits that will open next summer.