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Yes for Kids Launches Campaign

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Yes for Kids is launching its school bond campaign, and they're going door to door to talk about it with the community.

Yes for Kids was launched several years ago, and is bringing the community together with its campaign.

Heidi Duncan, Yes for Kids Co-Chair said, "It's been exciting to see everybody come together for this to try to educate our voters why this is so important for our kids, and there's no better investment for our community than education."

Chuck Barthuly, Yes for Kids Steering Committee Board Member, says Bitterroot Elementary is out of space.

"They cut the library in half so that they have an area for their special needs kids, and literally they've done everything they can do to utilize the space they have available, and there's just no place else to put kids," said Barthuly.

Chuck's son, Seth, says classes are even being held in the lunchroom.

"Kids should have your own elbow room to work and stuff, so like working in a lunchroom, that's for lunch, not for class time," said Seth Barthuly.

This leaves many concerned parents.

"You know that's a concern to me. That kids don't have good spaces for them to learn, and a distraction free environment," said Barthuly.

Mayor Tom Hanel says he's behind this 100 percent.

"This is so critical for the future of Billings. It brings people to our city. It brings physicians that take care of our seniors. It brings children that make the city what it is, and keep it growing and be very healthy," said Hanel.

Officials say they are still looking for volunteers, and if you want to help out, they're hosting a volunteer training program for an hour this Saturday at 11 AM.

Officials say this is for people who are interested in calling residents in the community and going door to door. If you're still concerned about how much this will cost, officials say a $200,000 house will cost $10.95 per month. That's about $130 per month.