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Expo Hopes to Help Local Businesses

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The Billings Chamber of Commerce is hosting its first ever business expo this week at Northern Hotel, here in Billings.

The event brings together all sorts of businesses from all over the city to meet, do business, and learn from each other. Organizers hope the result will help all business owners, large and small, to grow and improve the quality of life in the downtown area. The expo even attracted visitors from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Center for Women in Business in Washington, D.C. Roberta Phillips, Executive Director of the Center for Women in Business, had this to say:

"These issues mean a lot to all women. We all want to inspire each other, and power each other, so that every one can advance and grow."

The expo also drew visitors from other cities in Montana, who hope to use what they learn to improve their won hometowns.