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Montana Welcomes New Citizens

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It was a special day for people at the Federal Courthouse Thursday, as they became US citizens.

For Lidiane Kerr, she moved to Montana from Brazil six years ago. She met her husband while he was working on his Master's in Brazil.

"He said, oh come to Montana and see if you like it," Kerr said. "And I really love it so we decided to get married and I stayed here. I love it here."

She has two children and says she is grateful for the environment here.

"There's a big difference between Brazil and here. Like I said, first of all, we've felt very welcome here and for us that have kids we feel that it's a very safe place to raise kids. It's a very friendly place. In Brazil, where I lived, the crime, it's very high. In here, I feel that you can walk at night with your kids, you can go to the park and not be afraid to be robbed or kidnapped or something like that."

Now that she has lived in Montana for a while, she has become friends with others who came from Brazil and say they want to apply for citizenship as well.

"I really love this country," Kerr said. "I see no reason not to be because my two kids were born here. I want to stay here forever."

After the ceremony, the League of Women Voters had a table to register new citizens to vote.