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Law Enforcement Apprehend Fugitive

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It's been more than two days and now the Big Horn county sheriff's office and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have good news to announce.

Rodney Seiber, the suspect in an armed robbery in Idaho, was successfully apprehended following a coordinated manhunt.

The 36 old is wanted in Canyon County, Idaho on three felony counts of robbery, alluding an officer, and possession of a dangerous drug.

"He even said he's been chased by the best now," said Undersherriff Fuss, when recounting the events of the day.

It all began here at the Super 8 in Hardin, where sheriff deputies responded to a call. When they arrived, Seiber and an 18 year old female were found in a tepee on the property. It was there  when Seiber ran into the motel, entered a room and kicked out a bottom floor window and vanished.

"We saturated the area, we thought we had him contained. I called for a  Yellowstone County canine unit. They did come down, we searched the area, with no luck," said Fuss.

Another search ensued on Tuesday with no sight of the man, until a call came in Wednesday after the owner of a motel on the Crow Indian reservation, thought he spotted Seiber.

"It was a joint effort between BIA and the sheriff's office. And we re-grouped and we got maps and we were sending people out to different areas."

"He did take a four wheeler out of a ranchers garage. BIA was behind him about half a mile, and he seen the chief back there so he ran it into a ravine and got off and started running again," recounted Fuss.

After another chase with police dogs, officers once again lost Seiber, but the end was near.

"We were sending people out to different areas  to check  residents and to check out buildings and deputy Cash Anderson and a BIA officer, opened up a shed and he was laying inside," Fuss said.

Undersheriff Fuss says Seiber will appear before a judge on Thursday, where the details of his extradition back to Idaho will be settled.