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SD-2 Releases More Detailed Bond Information

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SD-2 board members met, and presented mock-up sketches for what a maintenance bond would pay for, if voters pass it.

The sketches showed what the two middle schools and elementary schools would look like.

Voting for the School District 2 bond is weeks away, and fear and hope are still attached to that vote.

"It has to pass ‘else it's going to be a mess if you add over a thousand children to a school system. There's no space for them."

Some residents are still concerned. If the $122.3 million dollar bond passes, how much will building the new schools cost the taxpayers?

Margaret Gallagher, who's a parent at Will James Middle School said, "Making sure that it's affordable for the community definitely, and it looks to me from what I've seen that it's very thought out."

If you're still concerned, school officials have done the math. A $200,000 house will spend $10.95 a month, that's close to $132.00 a year.

The McKinley School will add 6 extra classrooms on this wing. Project Manager, Sam Schafer, is excited to have an impact on the school district.

Schafer said, "Some of the special features would be the engagement with the community, being able to really develop site plans and buildings that the community really has had a voice in."

School officials say they are already 400 students over capacity, and want to see the bond pass so students can succeed.

The maintenance bond would also provide for refurbishing 23 elementary and middle schools.

That would include close to $70,000 dollars to repair and replace asphalt at Beartooth Elementary School.