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Heart and Sole Run Donates to BikeNet

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It's been more than three months since the Heart and Sole Run, which attracted more than 3,500 runners, an all time high. That record breaker means a nice gift for a couple of local organizations, including BikeNet.

"When we have a vibrant community, we have people who want to move in here and they see other people running and biking and it becomes just a part of every day life," says Kristi Drake, BikeNet Executive Director.

More than 36 miles of trails and nearly 20 miles of bike lanes wind through Billings. And it took more than 3 million dollars in donations to make those trails possible. The $12,000 recently donated by the Heart and Sole Run adds to that number.

"The Heart and Sole race has been a supporter for the last three years and we've been able to turn those contributions into actual physical improvements to the trail system," says Nash Emrich, BikeNet Board Member.

The Heart and Sole Run and BikeNet both encourage healthier lifestyles.

"What we're doing is promoting active lifestyles, active transportation, and so that's what makes this run so special. Is that the proceeds go to building up a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease down the road," says Drake.

"It doesn't have to be this unbelievable athletic endeavor. That's great. But part of the Heart and Sole's growth really is in the area of just encouraging dads and moms and their kids to get off the couch and go on a walk together as a family," says David Irion, President of the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation, one of the two presenting sponsors for the Heart and Sole Run.

Emrich says "To have them come on board again and have them recognize BikeNet as a viable opportunity for supporting the community, is a really great sign."

"We're investing in local infrastructure that really has an impact on the communities well being and a healthy lifestyle," says Irion.

BikeNet's largest fundraiser, Ales for Trails, is Friday, September 27th. The 13th annual fundraiser is from 5 PM to 10 PM at Dehler Park. Tickets are $35 at the gate, and $30 before noon on September 26th at the Base Camp, the Spoke Shop, and the Bike Shop.