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Annual Ales for Trails

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Leading up to the 13th Annual Ales for Trails this weekend, we turn our focus to one of the newer trails in town.

The Broadwater Connection Trail is familiar to joggers and students, but Kristi Drake says it hasn't always been a smooth pathway.

BikeNet Executive Director, Kristi Drake says, "There used to be a muddy trail that kids had to walk through and it was not fun. I used to run that area and it just... you know you've got mud all over you're your feet by the time you get to school."

Drake says the trail is special to her because it provides safety for students who are walking to school.

"So that's now paved and it's just a really nice improvement so that everybody benefited from it. I'm sure that the property owners were glad to have it," said Drake.

BikeNet provided $14,000 for the project because it's an access point to Will James Middle School.

Yet, the trail isn't just for students. Dale Sekora uses the trail to get to work.

UPS Driver, Dale Sekora said, "Last year I've ridden for 130 days and this year I've ridden every day since July, and now it's kind of gotten to be a challenge because I want to see how long I can keep the steak going."

Sekora says he uses the trail because it makes his commute to work easier.

Ales for Trails is this Friday from 5 to 10. Tickets are $30, and can be found online at, and

You can also buy them in person at the Bike Shop, and Spoke Shop. Last-minute tickets will be $35 at the door.