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Formal Complaint to Remove Judge Baugh

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Activist groups filed a formal complaint against Yellowstone County District Judge G. Todd Baugh asking for his removal.

KULR 8 New's Joe Miller is in Helena where the groups brought boxes of documents and papers to support their petition.

"He needs to go, and now."

"Its just uncalled for, this sentence."

People from across the state gathered in Helena in support of a movement to have Judge G. Todd Baugh removed from the bench.

Montana's National Organization of Women and the activist group Ultraviolet filed a formal complaint with the Judicial Standards Commission for comments Judge Baugh made when sentencing a former teacher to 31 days for the rape of a 14-year-old student.

"I came here with a complaint signed by Montana NOW and Pennsylvania NOW with allegations against Judge Baugh, and our reasons for filing the complaint, and a hundred and forty thousand signatures from petitions," says Marian Bradley.

Activists like Bradley want the judge out after he seemingly blamed the victim saying she acted older than her chronological age, and she was as much in control of the situation as the teacher was.

Bradley says if this complaint does not work, she has other plans to make sure Judge Baugh never sits in judgment in a courtroom again.

"If we can't get him removed from this there is something wrong with the system and I know people in the state will work to not get him re-elected," says Bradley.

In addition to filing this complaint for the removal of Judge Baugh, Montana NOW also filed a brief supporting the attorney general's appeal of the 31-day sentence to the state's supreme court.

Since working on this formal complaint against Judge Baugh, the NOW organization is actually working on a number of rape offense related complaints to be filed here at the Judicial Standards Commission, one of which is against Judge Baugh.

The former Senior high teacher Stacey Rambold is set to get out of prison on Thursday.