Kyle Benton - KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

Kyle Benton

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Kyle started at KULR-8 back in 2011 as a newscast assistant and photographer. After leaving for a year and a half, Kyle rejoined the KULR-8 team as a reporter in September of 2013.

Originally from Billings, Kyle was home schooled and after graduating high school, attended Cleveland Institute of Electronics. He also pursued broadcast engineering and managed radio station KOLU in Pasco, Washington and worked as a disc jockey on radio station KGSG. After moving back to Billings, Kyle decided to pursue television and has been in the news industry every since.

Kyle has a wide variety of interests, but is a self proclaimed outdoor enthusiast at heart. Hunting, fishing, camping, biking and skeet shooting are just a few of his adventurous hobbies. However, on most days when he has a little extra time, the racquetball court is where he can be found. Amongst all this, he also could be considered a movie buff and video game aficionado. Enjoying the privilege of serving the Billings community through news, Kyle loves keeping the public informed and providing details that can better the community. So, if you see him around, feel free to say hi, he always is up for meeting new faces!