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New Rules for Gadgets on Planes

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Soon when you fly in and out of Billings Logan airport you might not hear a flight attendant say please turn off all electronic devices for take off and landing.

An FAA advisory panel will meet this week to relax most of those restrictions. You will be able to listen to music, play games on your iPad, watch videos on your computer, and even read on your Kindle.

The panel is set to make it's final recommendations by the end of the month and could go into affect as early as next year.

Airlines and pilots still report hundreds of instances where they believe electronic devices cause some cockpit instruments to malfunction. But, the FAA says that's mostly anecdotal. Regulators have not been able to establish that electronic devices interfere with flight instruments.

Even with the relaxed rules, you still won't be able to make phone calls, send or receive emails or text messages or use anything that requires Wi-Fi.