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Faith Chapel Hosts Human Mattress Dominoes

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It was a game of human dominoes at Faith Chapel, and it was all for a great cause.

One hundred and 48 people came out to participate in the dominoe event for the opening act of Faith Hill's Phil Wickam concert.

Two-hundred and 50 mattresses will be donated to the Montana Rescue Mission women's, men's, and family shelter.

They raised money to donate them through Hope Fest, and private sponsors.

Organizers say it was a fun way to raise awareness, money, and beds for children and families in need.

Public Relations Coordinator for the Montana Rescue Mission, Sheila Cole said, "This is a years worth of planning with all the different people that have been in our committees, and it's here. Today is here, and it's going to happen and all of our guests from the mens shelter and the women's shelter... and the women and family shelter are here and that's one thing that we'd like to do is to include them."

The second part of Hope Fest will kick off with the bed race at 11 am.